About Us

Our Story Once upon a time, in 2019, a young man named Zovelt had a dream of creating a stationery brand that would inspire people to express themselves through writing and creativity. He had always been fascinated by the power of words and the beauty of art, and he wanted to share that passion with the world. With love in his heart and curiosity in his mind, Zovelt set out to create a brand. He loved the elegance and charm of the past and wanted to bring that same magic to the present day. He wanted his brand to be a place where people could come to explore their creativity, discover new ways to express themselves, and connect with others who shared their love for the written word. He spent countless hours scour excitement about the possibilities of self-expression. He carefully selected high-quality materials and designs that were both stylish and practical, ensuring that products would be loved by artists, writers, students, and anyone who appreciated the value of handwriting and creativity. Finally, in later 2019, TIEFOSSI was established.