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Soft Color Dot Double-Sided Marker - 6 Color Set - Warm

Soft Color Dot Double-Sided Marker - 6 Color Set - Warm

This Soft Color Dot Double-Sided Marker set is dual-tip markers with a 0.7mm fine tip on one end and a flexible dot tip on the other. It is water-based, layer-able pigment ink. 
These dual-tip markers have a 0.7mm plastic point on one end for fine lines and writing. The other side features a flexible rounded tip that easily makes dots of various sizes depending on how hard you press down. Dots of various sizes can be drawn by adjusting the pressure applied to the pen tip.
Perfect for lettering, doodles, and jazzing up journals & planner pages! 

Please do not press firmly on the dot tip.
Do not leave in direct sunlight or high temperatures.
Replace cap firmly after use.
The pigment markers must be stored in the horizontal position.
Depending on the paper, it may bleed through the back of the paper.

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